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Spatial Design Review

Designing A Space

Are you extending but aren’t 100% sure you’re making the most of the new space?

Do you want to move the kitchen or add a bathroom and want to make sure everything flows (and all your stuff will fit!)?

Perhaps you’re building a new home and want to make sure there haven’t been any oversights from an interior perspective – where the TV will go, are there enough walls for art, is there sufficient storage?

Spatial planning is an important part of designing a space

We look at how people live in their homes, which spaces you like most and importantly, how you want to feel in these rooms – playful, relaxed, efficient, calm…

Designing the space correctly in the beginning will mean that expensive changes can be avoided during the build. Assessing the space when there’s no dust and no drills is the best time to get this aspect of your home right.

Our Process

We will visit you and go over the plans to date. If there are no changes required we will tell you (we don’t create work for the sake of it). If there are further options to explore then we will take away the plans and send you options.

These can be

  • pencil drawn on existing plans (simple and least time consuming)
  • technically drawn (better for adapting and sharing with other technicians, e.g. architect)
  • 3d drawings (for those who need help to visualise the space or for complex spaces)

Initial consultation is £300 inc VAT. Further costs will vary depending on your needs.

Other specialists

We have considerable experience working alongside other specialists; architects, lighting designers, garden designers, acousticians, trades and builders.

Communication between these parties is key and we pride ourselves in our ability to work well with project managers, specialists and all trades.

Interior Design Psychology Tip

Flow, natural light and ‘breathing space’ will all impact how you feel in a room. As a human being you’re attracted to light and so it’s important to keep the best light for a seating spot to soak up the sun.

Furniture also needs space to breathe – a cluttered environment is not pleasing. Equally an empty space can feel cavernous and unwelcoming.

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