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We at Niki Schafer Interior Design are not pioneers in the green economy but we are conscious of the climate, and we have begun, in earnest, our journey to being more sustainable, and eco-friendly. In short, we are neither “green washers” nor “green hushers”!

What we do already

  • We offer eco alternatives to fabrics and materials
  • We favour eco paints and FOC stamped wallpapers and wooden goods
  • We work with local tradespeople and artisans
  • We have a very low carbon emission rate; however, we have a supply chain that is not immediately within our control
    • We have a record of our suppliers’ sustainability credentials
    • We congratulate and encourage our suppliers on well thought through packaging
  • We never recommend replacing existing items unnecessarily
  • We try to help rehome unwanted, quality items (kitchens, freestanding furniture, lighting, art)
  • We use glass milk bottles and have a hot water tap
  • We have zero wasteful heating or lighting of the studio
  • We harvest rainwater
  • We split our waste and recycle thoroughly
  • We engage with our local community in green projects and learning

What we are doing next

  • We will substitute more eco and recycled products into schemes wherever possible
  • We will switch to a renewable energy supplier
  • We will buy smart plugs
  • We will offset our carbon emissions through a verified company
  • We will use our voice to influence the council to help local businesses
  • We will use our voice to educate homeowners and encourage greener purchases
  • We are running the Greener Henley House & Garden Show to highlight climate conscious suppliers and producers
  • We will encourage our suppliers to measure their carbon emissions so we can better understand our scope three impact
  • We will encourage our suppliers to create products which last a lifetime
  • We will explore solar panels and sustainable heating methods for our own offices and homes and those of our clients

Longer term plans

  • We will move away from suppliers who do not share our passion for the earth
  • We will collaborate with others to create a circular economy of interior products
  • We will sponsor a Repair Café locally