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I’m mostly described as someone who ‘gets things done’. I’ve always been a plate spinner and like to keep busy juggling ideas, schedules and the right people to make things happen. I’ve always worked in the creative world so ideas are never in shortage, but it’s easy to run into obstacles so I spend a lot of time thinking ahead – future proofing. This helps with designing spaces as well as project managing. I can see how a space will be used in the future. I can see how the light will fall, or the kids will play, or the door will swing open. It’s not much of a superhero power, I’ll grant you, but it’s useful for helping people get the picture of their new home or their refurbished room.
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The business will be ten years old this year and I’ve loved developing it. It’ been an organic process, mixed with looking after my three kids, building my own home, writing a book, the Henley House & Garden Show, doing a bit of TV and radio work, and learning the joys of Vectorworks, Quickbooks, Instagram and various CMS programs. I genuinely love my work so designing happens at all times of day and night. It’s hard to stop appreciating how colours work together, what proportions or sizes or dimensions have been successful. I’m always a bit distant in a new restaurant or gym or concert hall as I do a quick assessment first.
When I’m not working, I’m hanging out with my husband, my miniature dachshund or the kids. I love the gym and the garden is my escape (I wish plants behaved like sofas and stayed still though!) I also love to travel and have visited nearly 60 countries, falling in love with their textiles, their breakfasts, odd traditions or randomly, fretwork. I think the ‘itchy feet’ came from a childhood in the RAF where we moved every two to three years. I do love change as a result. Change for the better.