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10 tips to achieve an Art Nouveau look in your home


  • The Art Nouveau style defined in the history books took place between 1900 and 1914. The style was inspired by natural forms and structures in both plants and flowers and curved lines, and can look fantastic if you are looking for an elegant, artistic design for your interiors.
  • The colours used in Art Nouveau interior design are turquoise, sage, emerald green, peacock blue, mustard, olive, pale lilac, black, silver, gold, white and pink. Together they form an ethereal look to walls and psychedelic effects in glasswork.
  • Painting your walls in this colour palette can look wonderful, but there are also great selections of wall papers to choose from in the Art Nouveau style. Stylised long stemmed poppies and lilies, lancet shaped leaves and slender blooms can make an impressive feature wall.
  • Parquet flooring was used frequently in the Art Nouveau era, and linoleum was also popular. If you have floor boards which you would like to give an Art Nouveau twist, try painting them white.
  • Rugs are a good way to add some Art Nouveau opulence to your floors. Look for rugs with floral, swirling patterns in large square, rectangular or round shapes.
  • One of the iconic pieces of Art Nouveau décor is the Tiffany lamp. The lamps are constructed from a bronze base with an umbrella shaped shade made from spectacularly interesting stained glass. The designs are natural forms, peacock feathers and wings of insects.
  • Art Nouveau furniture looks like it is growing naturally, with handles made to look like tendrils, corners and fronts of cabinets decorated in foliage and balustrades twisted and turned to depict vines. Fitted furniture was also used in the Art Nouveau period for the first time. Built in window seats, cupboards and book cases made from woods such as cherry, walnut, mahogany, satinwood and light oak would all work perfectly.
  • Using stencils to decorate walls and ceilings can be a great way to add Art Nouveau design to your interiors, and can look especially effective in hallways and stairwells. Choose swirling floral stencils or even birds and butterflies.
  • Tiles were very popular in Belgium and France during the Art Nouveau era. Plain pastel tiles and floral patterned tiles are effective in bathrooms and kitchens. Patterned tiles in a row or singularly set amongst plain tiles will work well.
  • Ornaments in silver, pewter and opaque pearl glass will complete your Art Nouveau look. Choose mirrors with swirling, floral frames; cushions with a natural theme such as flowers, shells or peacock feathers; and upholstered chairs with wooden frames.


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