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All well in the bedroom department?

Is your bedroom a love nest or a crash pad?  Does it serve as a dumping ground more often than it should? Do the words haven or idyll get scoffed at when looking at this space?  Dare I even mention intimacy and whether this room even remotely brings about certain ‘urges’?

I kid you not. You’re supposed to have sex in this room.  Ridiculous, I know….

How on earth are you supposed to have a moment’s privacy with the kids barging in every five minutes or the phone beeping with a text message from work or an update from Facebook?  Let’s look at reasons why your bedroom is no love nest.

Bedroom or Boardroom?

If you go to bed with your iPad, iPhone, Blueberry or any other bleeping device next to you then your sleep will always suffer and so will your love life.  Really, how off putting is that text from the boss?

De-clutter the electronics from your bedroom.   Personally I’d go as far as to get rid of the TV but I’m sure I’ll be up against some stiff competition there. Turn them all off.  Your bedroom is a place for relaxation, for slumber and for a little bit of rumpy-pumpy (or jiggy-jiggy if that’s your thing).  Twitter, Diggit and You Tube have no place here, so ditch the social media in the bedroom.

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What’s under your bed?

I bet you know.  Subconsciously, you are aware of the bags and boxes you’ve rammed under there. You know that’s where the pop up tent was put when you couldn’t fit it back into its bag.  Don’t kid yourself the old shoes, the work files and your make-up from the 90s aren’t all shoved under your bed. is not sexy!

Clutter is not sexy!

Flow is sexy….

De-clutter from under your bed and feel the vibes of flow.  I know I sound all Mystic Meg but it’s true.  We love to feel space as well as see space. We are aware of how trapped we feel if there is too much ‘stuff’ in a room.

What Colour To Paint My Bedroom?

If you have red walls then there’s passion in those walls.  I’m not sure you’ll be sleeping well every night but at least one aspect is working well in the bedroom department.  In truth I only recommend accessories in reds and oranges for the bedroom as these hot colours can liven a room up just a little bit too much sometimes.

For bedrooms, I recommend soothing colours – neutrals, blues and greens, lilacs even, as these will keep you feeling calm and relaxed.

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How Do I Texturise My Bedroom?

Do you have tassels, throws and cushions in your room? Things you can stroke and run your fingers through.  These are very sensual items (if you’re in one mood) or very comforting (if you’re in another).  Textures play a fundamental role in every room but are particularly important in neutral or white schemes.  Texture allows the eyes to differentiate between all the elements in the room and create a full scheme rather than a bland one where everything looks the same. So mix it up.

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“It’s important to include texture in a room…”

It’s important to have lots of texture for people who are very sensitive.  I’m speaking about their emotional side.  People who ‘feel’ a lot in how they think and who talk a lot about their emotions will be very comforted with the right textures around them.  This is particularly important for children (and is why they are so fond of their soft teddies and blankets).L

What’s Best For Bedroom Lighting?

Setting the mood in the bedroom can bring about very different evenings.  Bright overhead lights can be unflattering and harsh on our faces and bodies.  And if you’re going to be revealing yourself, don’t you want to do so in the best light possible?

A dimmer switch means you can create a soothing and romantic ambient light.  Table lamps and picture lights can also contribute to a more pleasing environment than a fully lit pendant or worse still, down lighters.  Having a bulb glaring down in your eyes is unpleasant and being able to see every inch of your body will put most humans into a state of panic.  Obviously there are a few exceptions who are happy to show off their bods and if you’re one of them then HAPPY DAYS! Turn on the lights baby and strut your stuff.

For the rest of us, however, install a dimmer switch.

Happy Valentine’s Day


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