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Every person wants their home to look as beautiful as possible. We place so much care and pride into our homes, so if you’re looking to give your property a brand new look, you may wish to use the services of a professional interior designer to make sure everything is perfect down to the last detail. We are passionate about interiors in Oxfordshire and beyond. No matter the size of your home, we can provide you with a fully comprehensive design service that targets either one room, multiple rooms, or your entire property.

Good interior design isn’t only about finding accessories, paint and wallpaper; it’s about paying attention to every detail of the room, down to the layout of the furniture and the lighting scheme, creating the right mood and atmosphere and ensuring that everything really works on a practical level. Your home should not only look amazing, but should also work for your lifestyle and your needs.

When you first work with our specialist team, we will talk about your project and will also arrange for a site visitation so that we can fully examine your property in preparation for design. Whether you want a single room doing or your entire house, we will fully assess the site. We will take the time to understand your tastes and requirements, to give us a clear idea of what should be done. We will create and present initial designs, using concept boards and a variety of samples, giving you a tangible idea of our overall vision and incorporating your ideas too.

Once this is done, we will source and supply all furniture and fittings for you. We can even provide shopping days so that you can personally pick out the best items for your home. Once everything has been sourced and all designs have been agreed to, we will oversee the work and decoration completed on your property. You will be informed of all decisions and constantly kept up-to-date with the progress, and we will fully monitor the agreed budget to ensure that it is adhered to and not exceeded.

We pride ourselves on being the experts when it comes to interiors in Oxfordshire. Whatever your needs and desires are, we will ensure that you receive a satisfactory outcome with the design of your property. We pride ourselves on helping our clients realise their visions and create the homes of their dreams, transforming even the most ordinary properties into comfortable, warm, welcoming and stylish havens.

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