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All about Niki Schafer

When you’re in need of an interior designer, it is always important to hire someone who has experience. That is why you should consider hiring Niki Schafer when you are in need of an interior designer that you can depend on. Niki is not just an expert when it comes to interior designing but she is also a very visible face of interior design, as well as a trusted voice, having lent her tips for decorating and renovating to a variety of different media platforms. Her expertise and keen eye for good design means that choosing her to design your home is perhaps the best choice that you can make.

Educated at the KLC School of Design and the Chelsea College of Art and Design, Niki’s education gave her a great foundation to build on within interior design. Her career, initially in advertising, saw her travel across the world and work for a number of notable companies. However, her calling was in interior design where she made her mark with Dwell-Being which would later evolve into Niki Schafer Interior Design. This company would be the driving force of her passion for interior design which she would hone over the years and deliver her unique brand of interior design to a myriad of customers. Her customers would gladly attest to the fact that she is one of the most experienced interior designers Oxfordshire can depend on. Her skills and expertise revolve around transforming your home in such a way that it will stand out and, most importantly, be comfortable to reside in.

Alongside working as one of the most highly regarded interior designers in Oxfordshire, Niki has also been published across a variety of platforms. She has provided her advice to Home Counties Magazine and the New York Times and has also published her own book “Creating Space – How to design your calm, sane, outrageously gorgeous home and family-life.” which earned her an accolade as a Brit Writers Awards finalist in 2012 in the non-fiction category. She also has extensive experience in media, providing her knowledge and expertise on channels such as QVC regarding interior design, as well as operating a number of workshops to spread her knowledge on interior design. She has also shared her knowledge with a huge variety of different websites regarding decorating and designing.

A member of the British Institute of Interior Design and a trained NLP coach, Niki has the expertise and education necessary to re-create and re-design your home in such a way that it will boost your happiness and give you a home that you enjoying living in. She aims to give every single one of her clients a sense of ‘dwell-being’ and ensure that they are given a home that they can relax in. There can be no doubt that Niki Schafer is one of the most experienced interior designers Oxfordshire residents can turn to perform a complete overhaul for their home.

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