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Bedding can be the final touch to a full decorative revamp or just a single change to give the room a lift. New cushions or a fresh duvet can be all that’s needed to make the space feel revitalized.

Niki Schafer is a professional interior designer who works on residential projects throughout Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. She says:

“Bedrooms are so important to get right, they’re our escape, even from the rest of the house, never mind the wider world. Bedrooms need to help us relax at night but are also the face of the morning and set us up for the day.”

Bedding consists of many elements; a headboard, pillows, bed linen, valances, duvets, duvet covers, throws, cushions and more cushions!

A coordinated bedroom can feel elegant and sophisticated or fun and fresh. Are you starting from scratch or do you have the room scheme in place already?


Headboards come in all shapes and sizes, colour and textures. If you have a large bedroom wall, then they’re a great feature to fill that space. A deep buttoned version feels luxurious, an elaborate shape will make a statement, a beautiful fabric could be the centre point for the bedroom’s scheme, a leather version can be masculine or feminine. Try adding piping and buttons in different colours for something fun.

Headboard, luxury interior design
Headboards can create real statements!


Crisp Egyptian cotton with a thread count in the mid hundreds will give you a fresh feel to the bed and a good night’s sleep. Brushed cotton feels a little warmer and might be a cosy choice for children. Fitted is easier to put on but there’s still a pride in making a bed with ‘hospital corners.’


Finding the right pillow can be a mine field. Having two per person (a fibre filled and a feather filled) will give the sleeper choices. They also look smart on the bed – one under the duvet in a ‘housewife’ case, the other on top of the duvet in an ‘Oxford’ case. (Oxford cases have edges, housewife cases do not).

Bedroom, luxury interior design


Duvets are measured in togs, where heavy togs are good for the winter months and lighter ones suitable during the summer. A mid-range (10 tog) is good all year round in the UK. If you have allergies or your children have sensitive skin, it’s important to look at what the filling is made from. There are many hypoallergenic models available.

Duvet Covers

A starch white cover will give a smart hotel look to the room. Patterned covers however, add interest and a new look every week. If your room is all soothing creams, then you could find a pattern with some greens or even reds. If your room is grey, then a pop of yellow or turquoise in the duvet cover can bring the room to life. You could have a floral version one week, a geometric the next. And of course, the festive duvet cover can come out for one month of the year too.


A bed may need a valance to cover up the unit or space below. A curtained valance is frilly and a boxed valance is more tailored. These can come in plain fabrics, crushed velvets or something floral. What look are you wanting to achieve?


A fabulous faux fur throw at the end of the bed looks glorious and feels even better. We tend to sleep better with heavy throws on us (this can be incredibly comforting for both an adult and a child) so consider chunky knitted blankets, a waffle bedspread or a silky quilt to decorate the bed during the day and lie under at night.


How many cushions does a bed need? Good question! Some love six or even eight and others roll their eyes at the thought of two. It’s true these are likely to end up on the floor overnight, but cushions are the best of all room accessories and, of course, helpful for propping yourself up when reading.

Cushions, luxury interior design

Scatter cushions come in all sizes but the standard size is 45cm square. A large bed will require larger ones in order not to look a little lost. Change your cushions often, they bring in new colour, a change to the season, a fresh feel to the room and even allow you to be a bit daring.  Cushions offer texture, pattern, colour and style, so be brave and enjoy picking up a couple of new ones.

Please email to arrange a design consultation in your home. We operate in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, and Berkshire. Take a look through our interior design portfolio here.

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