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Niki Schafer Interior Design create happy, organized and meaningful escapes.

I’ve always been fascinated about what makes a positive environment. Why do we like to spend time in one space over another? What makes a room more attractive than another? How do we feel in rooms?

These questions have led me to research and write and in doing so have created a design concept – H.O.M.E – based on designing spaces that are Happy, Organized and Meaningful – together these will create an ‘Escape’ for you.

Happy Space

How can a room make you happy? It doesn’t have to be ‘childish happy’, it can be something to simply make us smile – a wallpaper or paint colour. It could be a picture on the wall or a rug on the floor. A well-lit room can certainly make us feel calmly happy, or enlivened or dramatic. What kind of ‘happy’ are you looking for?

Colour, texture and the right shapes and patterns can also make us happy – bringing about emotions that induce feelings of well-being.

Click on the image below to visit our YouTube channel and watch a short video on how to create your happy space.

Interior Design Happy Space

Organised Space

Oganisation is generally my starting point for any room – ensuring the space is designed for the right context, layout, budget and user lifestyle. We have a questionnaire for clients to complete so we have an organized understanding of their needs and tastes as well as tapping into a deeper psychological appreciation of who we are working with.

Organising some rooms is more complex than others – kitchens and bathrooms need a thorough analysis of who is using them, ergonomics and congestion analysis is required to make sure the spaces can be worked in efficiently and comfortably.  

Click on the image below to visit our YouTube channel and watch a short video on how to create your organised space.

Interior Design Organised Space

Meaningful Space

Your home is a canvas – a collection of white walls on which you can tell your story. Why copy a magazine or your neighbour when you have such a fabulous opportunity to inject your own personality into your personal space?

We ask clients about their culture, travels, heritage and pieces they’ve inherited to discover how we can inject meaning into their homes.

Click on the image below to visit our YouTube channel and watch a short video on how to create your meaningful space.

Interior Design Meaningful Space


We live in stressful times and the need to come home to a space where we can relax, recuperate and indulge in our own needs (rather than the needs of others) is paramount for our health and well-being.

Each space in the home – from the entrance hall to the en-suite – has the ability to be happy, organised and meaningful. Over the next few weeks and months we will create blogs and videos on ideas to contribute to each area and in doing so, to your well-being and happiness.

Please email to arrange a design consultation in your home. We operate in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, and Berkshire. Take a look through our interior design portfolio here.

Read more about this in my book, ‘Creating Space – How to Design Your Calm, Sane, Outrageously Gorgeous Home and Family Life’.

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