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Designing Wellbeing InTo Your Home

Creating Space

Learn how to design your calm, sane, outrageously gorgeous home and family-life.

‘I just need some space!’  How often do we hear this (more often than not as a thought in our own heads)?  We need space to think clearly, we need space to change a nappy or play a game, we need space to breathe and get away from it all, we need head space, me space and we certainly need space for our shoes. 

We think differently in different spaces.  Some spaces will calm and soothe us, others will excite us, or inspire us or simply make our jaws drop.  However, some spaces drain us, they tire us out just at the sight of them, and often this is the space we love the most – our home.

Our homes need to be designed around the lifestyles we genuinely live – the hectic, the noisy, and the messy.  How is your home space working for you?  Does it give you the breathing space you so desperately crave?  Does it feel organised and efficient and equally comforting and secure?  Does it reflect your personality and who you really are?  Or has your identity been lost somewhere, stuck in the dishwasher filter or chucked in the attic with the clothes the kids have outgrown?

Here’s how to create spaces in your home to love and support you as much as you love and support it.

Outer Space

Understanding what home really means to you is important. Where do you want to live?  What neighbourhood is right for you?  What do you want your home to look like?  What architecture do you prefer for your home? What facilities and local resources do you need close by?  All of this has to be thought through very carefully as you make those vital decisions about buying (or whether to stay in) your home.

Creating ‘Me’ Space

A home is a blank canvas for you to express your personality, your aspirations, and also a safe place for your memories.  Figuring out your own personal style isn’t as difficult as you might think and once you’ve worked it out it’s such a pleasure to shop for your home and help your family create their own personally styled spaces.

Head Space

Finding the time to design and decorate a home can be one of the most difficult hurdles to pass.  We have so much to do and most women at home don’t take time-management classes to juggle the kids clubs and the laundry – but it’s not such a bad idea.  Working out why we are doing all the things we are doing (so much on autopilot!) and getting rid of what’s not really helping us can save a huge amount of time – for more enjoyable endeavours like designing the home of your dreams.

Thinking Space

We all think differently in the home, even our children who we mould and love turn out to have very different ways of working things out to us.  Understanding this alone can have a huge impact on the dynamics that go on in the house.  Thinking space is a space in the house that really needs to be understood if the home is to be harmonious.

Dream Space

Bedrooms have become such busy spaces, places where we work, sleep and keep entertained.  This isn’t helping us in our stressful lives.  A bedroom is a place to relax in and to recuperate at the end of the day, not to feel more stressed by.  Design a space to dream in.

Breathing Space

We are spending so much time consumed by technology and screen-time that we forget about the simple pleasures.  Finding somewhere to sit quietly in your home and simply breathe is an invaluable space in your home.  Creating the habit of stopping for a moment or two, with a drink, or maybe just to drink up the view does our wellbeing the world of good.  Stop rushing.

Heart Space

Designing a space in the heart of the home – the kitchen, dining and family room – is a way to ensure that your family communicates well.  Creating a place where the family come together every day, where they can share stories and feel supported is an undeniably important space in the house.  This is more than physical space, this is the space we need to give others, to hear what’s truly going on in their lives, not to simply pay lip-service to it.

Harnessing the power in each of these spaces and learning how to make them beautiful and appealing to everyone who uses them is an art and a science.  Designing a happy home is an ongoing skill and something women need to be supported in.

Let me help you create the home you and your family deserve. Drop me an email to schedule a personal design consultation and we can make a plan to incorporate all of these spaces and disucss the design psychology behind designing a beautiful, peaceful, functioning home

Alternatively take a look through our large portfolio for more interior design inspiration

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