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Dwell-Being: The Art & Science of a Happy Home

I am currently writing a book:  Dwell-Being: The Art & Science of a Happy Home, which is an exploration of this.  It is a journey of what makes home special to you and those you love and it has been written as a guide for the women who like me, got a bit of a shock when they found themselves ‘home alone’ and responsible for the family’s wellbeing.

I would like to do for the home what Mary Portas is doing for the high street – re-energise it and make people see it from a new perspective.  Home pride is not just about kitsch aprons or designer lemon squeezers, it is a source of power and strength and if it is handled with fluidity, grace (and the occasional implementation of a solid organisation system) then it will benefit those within it and ultimately those around it too.

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