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Even the smallest room can feel more spacious with a few simple tricks

Interior designers are constantly coming up with new ways to utilise spaces in the home, particularly in homes where space is limited. We have extensive experience with interior design in Oxfordshire and can help you to maximise the impact of even the smallest rooms, helping you to make the most of the space you have. Below are some interior design tips that can help you to make the most of small living spaces.

1. Choose compact seating

Rather than trying to fit a full sofa and large armchairs into a room you can opt for a love seat. If you’re not planning to entertain this is a great way to save floor space and open out the room. It also means you can use the seat you choose as the focal point and build your design around it. You can also build a window seat and make the most of space rather than having separate furnishings.

2. Knock through walls to open up the space

If you want to expand your smaller rooms, you can consider knocking down a wall and opening up additional space. If other rooms feel a little cramped you can create an open, flowing environment that feels more open and airy.

3. Choose colours carefully

A light, bright colour scheme and furnishings can give rooms a much bigger feel. Darker, richer colours can be introduced into the room through smaller features like lamps or cushions.

4. Opt for multifunctional furnishings

Clever coffee tables and other furnishings with added storage are a great idea to free up space and have a place to hide any clutter.

5. Choose the right lighting

Lighting is key in a small room; get it wrong and the size will be instantly apparent, but get it right and the space will feel larger. Instead of floor lamps, try stylish ceiling lights to save the floor space.

6. Use wallpaper carefully

Wallpaper with large patterns can easily make a room feel smaller. Instead of papering the whole room, you could choose a feature wall and then paint the other walls in neutral or contrasting colours. If you have a chimney breast you can paper the alcoves to give added spatial dimensions.

7. Try open display cabinets

Large cabinets take up a great deal of space. Open ones let you display ornaments and objects whilst also allowing people to see the walls behind. This naturally makes the room look larger.

8. Mirrors

Once again on the theme of lighting, you can add great depth to a room with a well positioned mirror. This will reflect light and also creates the reflection of additional space.

9. Utilise the walls

If there are alcoves, you can incorporate storage into them to save room. This helps you to make the best of tricky spaces. Choose shelving rather than cabinets or bookcases to save even more floor space.

10. Choose the right window covers

Simple light curtains or blinds will give the room an airy feel. Some people like to go for floor length curtains because they add an illusion of height.

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