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Autumn as Inspiration for Your Living Room Colour Scheme

Autumnal Colour

If you’re ever stuck for interior design inspiration, look to nature. As I glance up from my laptop I’m amazed at the autumnal colour outside. A once seemingly average green tree has turned into a magnificent red beauty.

I recently listened to Joa Studholme of Farrow and Ball talk about what inspires her. Joa is responsible for the development of new colours at F&B and believes you can never go wrong with what nature gives you. She cited the beauty of the aubergine with its shaded purple body and bright green stalk providing us with a colour palette we may not have ordinarily considered.

Create a Sample Board

Most of us love colour but we may find it a little daunting as to how can we apply it to our homes. I’d like to share with you this sample board that was inspired by an image of autumn. There’s a sea of warm colours; reds, oranges and yellows that all sit well together to create a harmonious scheme. However, there’s also the bright green which is opposite the red on the colour wheel. The leaves have completely changed colour from one side of the colour wheel to the other, and using them together creates a bold complementary scheme. I also see browns and purples in the stone steps and bark, and plenty of textures to play with.

Understand colour

Within any scheme there needs to be a visual hierarchy, to have everything at full saturation of colour would be too tiring and wouldn’t produce a pleasing environment for the eye. Given this is a complementary scheme and the chair is covered in a fabric that is fully saturated green we need to ensure that there are some tints and shades of colours elsewhere in the scheme, such as some yellow based neutrals for all the walls. And for example, a deep shade of red would work well for a three-seater sofa. The sofa could have extra interest with a collection of cushions in a range of patterns and colours that all pull together this autumnal scheme. I particularly like this Designers Guild green moss fabric and Abbot & Boyd’s golden yellow linen for cushions.

These warm colours could be perfect for your lounge or hallway as whilst looking fabulous, they are also colours that are thought to stimulate conversation and make people relax and make connections.

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