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Psychology of Interior Design

What is the psychology behind home and interior design?

Your environment is more than just four walls and a lick of paint.  It can dictate how you feel.  It can boost your self-esteem, it can calm you down, make you more productive, make your kids behave better or your customers buy more.  Our environment is so much more than the latest wallpaper or a stunning pair of curtains.

The Psychology of interior design

The psychology of interior design is understood far better in a commercial setting than it is in a residential environment, so what are we missing out on in our homes?  What tricks are we overseeing?  What impact could we be having on our relationships, our productivity, our stress levels, and our self-esteem?

A system to support your home environment

Creating Space is a step-by-step guide to designing a family home that is not only outrageously gorgeous (in the eye of the beholder, of course) but which is calming, even sane.  This book is not another pretty interiors book but a system to help busy women and particularly mums to create an environment that will support their children, build better relationships with their partner and genuinely boost self-confidence.

Dwell-Being System™®

The Dwell-Being System is a journey through the seven spaces of the home, building room-by-room an environment that genuinely suits the people, the life stages, the styles and the budget of those who live there.  It provides much needed structure in the overwhelming world of interior design and it introduces a new element – the element of practical psychology.  Dwell-Being designs using happiness tools and well-being techniques as much as it uses colour, textures, rhythm and repetition.  These are tools for today’s designers and home creators.

How do you want your home to feel?

Niki Schäfer is an interior designer, speaker and NLP coach and has written this book in answer to a question she herself asked as she set up home.  ‘How do you create a happy home?’  It is easy to create a beautiful environment but how do we create the sanctuary we so desperately need as we close the door on the stresses of the outside world?

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Dwell-Being System™ based on the principles of design psychology and her book ‘Creating Space‘ available to buy from this link.

About Niki Schäfer

Niki Schäfer has lived in over 100 homes including a cheese cake factory she shared in New York with Jake Shears from the Scissor Sisters, a hostel she made home in Nicaragua so she could redecorate the place with murals, and Oxfordshire where she currently lives with her three children and her husband.  She runs her own interior design practice, Niki Schafer Interior Design.

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