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Why you aren’t being creative today!

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What do you think of when you hear the word ‘creative’? 

And do you think we’re either born with a creative gene or we’re not?

And how come some days you’re really creative and others days, there’s not a creative bone in your body?

Here are 5 reasons why you aren’t being very creative today:


1. You are listening to what other people think… again!

Don’t do that.  Creativity is a speculative and magical process, it’s often very difficult to explain ideas to other people and having them sow even a single seed of doubt in you is dangerous.  Ignore them.  Keep your idea among people you trust who can help you explore it and love it, people who will let it grow rather than close it down.

People are only trying to help with their ‘suggestions’ but the truth is, they can only see the world from their own perspective and that might not be yours.  In fact, it’s definitely not yours.

2. You are taking yourself too seriously

Creativity requires openness and a playful heart.  As soon as you start putting pressure on yourself, you close down a little.  “What will people think?’ is a lethal thought in the creative process.  Instead, focus on your enjoyment, what you are getting out of your work, relax and have some fun – whether you are painting, cooking, singing or decorating.  The more you allow yourself to get into ‘flow’ the better your intuitive creativity will be.

3. You are spending time with rational and realistic people

It’s well documented that you become who you spend your time with.  If you hang around with hairdressers, your locks will look better, if you spend time with gym bunnies I bet your body improves, if you associate with wealthy people, you might notice your spending habits changing and the same can be said of your creativity.

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So hang out with creative types, absorb their lingo, the way they merge ideas and morph their insights into projects.  The more time you spend this way the more you will become this way.

Leave the realists and their rationality for another time.

Image of Jade Blades, super creative at Out of the Dark, speaking at Design Day 2013

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4. You’re playing safe and toning down your work

This is often the reason why an interior design project goes wrong.  People start with great intentions but instead of revelling in the bold and the exciting elements they take them all out – every single one of them.  Leaving a rather boring scheme in their place.

Stick to your guns! If you love the wallpaper, use it.

Maybe not on every wall but at least on one.  Same with the chandelier, or a piece of art, or a rug.  Use these pieces as a source of inspiration.  It doesn’t mean that every single item has to be challenging – just one or two.  They’ll make all the difference, I promise you.

Image of a playroom design by Niki Schafer Interior Design, photography by Clare West

5. You’re frightened of getting it wrong

Well you’re right, I’m afraid.

You will get it wrong.

But that’s not a bad thing.

Strokes of genius (why does genius only come in strokes, I wonder?) have occurred due to mistakes.  Splashes of paint have brought a portrait to life, an overdose of herb has made a master piece of a meal, a wrong note has given the whole melody a new depth.

These coincidences come out of the blue, but they are not mistakes.  They are, in fact, blessings.  And in order to be fully comfortable with your creativity, it is good to be in the practice of letting go in order that they can occur.

And then your beloved muse has arrived.

Please let me know if you have any secrets to your creativity – how you access it and when you know you’re in flow.  I wonder if it’s the same for us all?

Or if you need an injection of creativity into your home or your workplace, please do give me a bell.

07782 256 444

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