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10 Arts & Crafts Tips for your Home

imgresThe Arts and Crafts movement was an act of rebellion in the name of aesthetics and craftsmanship. The style took off in England and was popular for much of the 19th Century, and was pioneered by those who wanted to return to an industry of finely handcrafted goods instead of poorer quality mass-produced items. The most widely recognised name within the Arts and Crafts style is that of William Morris, who was one of the founders of the movement and produced furniture, textiles and wallpaper.

  1. One of the best places to start with an Arts and Crafts interior is to choose a gorgeous patterned wallpaper for your feature walls. Wallpapers should have influences from nature, fruit and also the orient.
  2. In addition to wallpaper, your other walls could be wooden panels or painted in dusky greens and blues.
  3. The Arts and Crafts colour palette should take subtle, muted beauty from the natural world. Cream, off whites, mustard yellow, olive green, terracotta, dusky blue and deep reds will all work well.
  4. Arts and Crafts rooms should be designed to feel light and spacious, with light coming naturally through casement windows, from hanging metal pendants or lamps with glass shades.
  5. Go for wooden furniture which has been handmade if possible to give a real Arts and Crafts feel. Oak is the iconic wood of this movement, and chairs often had leather upholstered seating. Look for items that have upside down hearts carved into them or have copper or leather strapping accessories.
  6. The best flooring for your interiors are wooden parquet or floorboards. Staining them to a mid to dark tone, similar to the look of walnut fits well with the style.
  7. Bright and cheerful ornaments and decorations will finish your interiors perfectly. Choose items made from pewter, silver or shiny copper; brass pots and table lamps; needlework cushions depicting natural scenes; and curtains and wall hangings made from linens, cottons or cretonnes and patterned with flowers and animals.
  8. If you have a fireplace and are thinking of tailoring it to the Arts and Crafts style, a wide hearth and carved mantelpiece will work perfectly.
  9. Tiles were often used in the Arts and Crafts movement, and bright colours such as cobalt blue, turquoise, greens and reds were popular. Tiles with motifs such as galleons and stylized flowers are also typical of the style, and original ones can still be found in salvage yards.
  10. The Arts and Crafts movement was influenced by quality, hand made goods from the Orient. Add an oriental feel by displaying blue and white china, palm leaf fans, screens and oriental rugs.
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