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Space For Your Man

If you are struggling to think of the perfect gift for the man in your life this Christmas, interior designer Niki Schäfer suggests giving the gift of the perfect space. Be it a reading area, study workbench or games room complete with pool table, surprise your loved one this year with the space that they have been dreaming of.

Clear The Clutter!

Schäfer believes pre-Christmas can also be the perfect time for clearing clutter from your home by tidying away some of the old niknacks and items you no longer use. If you have been putting off de-cluttering your home, use Christmas as the ideal inspiration to get your interior design started. Uncover the ‘me space’ in your home by clearing out the old, and making space for the new. 

Everyone needs a bit of ‘me space’, but so often it is missing given the hectic lives we lead.  However with a little creativity, a piece of furniture and perhaps a new lick of paint, you could create the perfect space into the perfect present this Christmas. Why not turn your spare room into a gorgeous library or hobby room for example? It would be an incredibly thoughtful and personal gift, and one that will be enjoyed for a long time.”

The Psychological Benefits

Schäfer explains: “Most men have enough aftershaves, photo frames and pyjamas to not need any more this Christmas!  Christmas is all about the home and family which is why we are proposing a truly unique gift idea for the festive season – the gift of ‘me space’ at home.

Tidying and creating space has huge psychological benefits too because when your home is designed to meet your needs, with the spaces carefully thought out and planned to suit the people living there, everyone benefits.  Besides you need to make room for the presents!”

Make A Healthier Living Space

Schäfer also urges us to welcome in the New Year with the resolution to make our home a better environment for us and our loved ones. “Once the festive season comes to a close, and we start turning our attention to the New Year, why not make a fresh start with your home?

Rejuvenating your interiors could be the ideal alternative to a fad diet, as you can make your home a better environment for healthy living. Whatever it is that you need to change in your home to make it work for your family, make a New Year commitment to make it happen. Your surroundings impact your mood and well-being”

For help making your ‘me space’ for your loved one or yourself, we’re here to help. Take a look at our services page for a full range of ways we can help you or email for more information.

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