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2015 set to be the year of the neutral colour

Neutral colours have always been important for interiors because they make a great backdrop for colourful or details furnishings and accessories. Over the last few years they have grown in importance, particularly with more people striving for a modern, minimalist look for their homes. Calmer colours are on the agenda rather than intense shades as more of us strive for a relaxed, calm and laid back atmosphere in our homes.

Greys will remain popular in 2015 but browns and metallic colours are on the rise as people look for warmer tones. The movement to warm shades means browns will lean more towards deeper yellow and red tones this year. The most popular colours for the coming year are expected to be coppers and other warmer brown shades, whether they are to be used alone or for accentuation. Greys should also become warmer, as opposed to the cooler tones which were previously popular.

Neutral colours can easily be combined with darker shades to add depth. Monochrome schemes will reappear with the classic mixtures of black and white and black and gold working well together. Mixed blues will be very popular, particularly with pastel shades combined with more elegant traditional blue to add additional dimensions. Warm red and browns coupled with a darker shade are also expected to be on the rise.

If you’re looking to freshen up your home in the coming year, you could be well served by consulting an interior designer early to get an idea of the best shades, materials and textures to go for. We specialise in creating beautiful interiors in Oxfordshire and will help you to achieve the look you are going for. Interiors need to be carefully considered to ensure that all elements work together and create the best setting. You can call on us for help with any room and have confidence we will help you to breathe life into your ideas.

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