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CW__0069I’m thrilled with this project and while I love every job I work on, there are some that better represent me than others.  This is definitely one of them.

Why do I love it?  Because it doesn’t just look great, it’s also a wonderful place to be in. It feels like home.

In truth, it’s not very difficult to produce a hotel look.  Of course, hotels can look awesome, it’s just that most of them lack a little thing called soul. They’re for holidays and staff and parties and room service. They’re not home.

And my design ethos is about understanding what home really means to YOU.  Because I can assure you, it’s different for everyone.  But we all have one (well, actually we don’t, so we really should be grateful…)


CW__9961What makes home HOME for you?

What is your Happy Organised Meaningful Environment.  (I apologise for the acronym – I find them useful for giving talks). But isn’t it true?  Shouldn’t home BE an environment that is happy, organised and meaningful?

What makes you happy?  Colour? Texture? Gadgets?

Do you need a bit more organisation?  Or are you a neat freak?

And what is meaningful to you?  A great memory? A smell? Fresh cut flowers? A sleek piece of engineering? A designer label? Control at the flick of a switch?

It’s all about you.


My philosophy is that you have a tiny little patch of space on this planet of ours.  Even if you live in a mansion, it’s tiny realtive to the earth.

So why waste it?

Why let someone else tell you how to decorate it? Or live in it? Why just leave it to chance? Why ignore it?

Instead why not spend some time figuring out which places have made you happy?

Which colours and textures make you smile?

What type of organisation makes you feel like you can take on the world?


Then create that space in your own home.

If you need a little help… you know where to ask.


07782 256 444

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