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Our house saleability consultations

When it comes to house viewings, decor and presentation can have a huge effect on the viewer’s eventual decision whether to buy the property. Viewers want to be able to see the full potential of the home, and to imagine themselves and their possessions in it. If you are thinking about selling your property, it is important to make sure that it is as appealing as possible to all potential buyers, and a neutral, clean, fresh look is usually the way to achieve this.

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Niki Schafer Interior Design

As part of our services for interior design in Oxfordshire, we can offer house saleability consultations, allowing you to give your house the makeover necessary to make it as attractive as possible for the largest number of viewers. Our professional designers can provide you with useful, practical advice throughout the entire process. Hopefully, with our help, you can make a fast sale and move on to your new property as quickly as possible.

We can provide either a one-hour consultation or a two-hour one. The shorter consultation consists of a discussion in regards to work that needs to be carried out in order to make your home a lot more attractive to potential buyers. Our two hour consultation is much more extensive, comprising a full tour and examination of your home to see where changes are needed. Once this has been completed, we send a report of any work that is required, as well as providing samples and suggestions of colours, fabrics or even images of recommendations that we feel could vastly improve your chances of selling your home.

Our services come with no obligation and you won’t be charged for mileage as long as your home is within a 45 mile radius of Henley-on-Thames. We can provide practical and useful advice on all matters to do with interior design in Oxfordshire, helping you to transform your home and optimising your chances of finding the right buyer as quickly as possible.


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