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Simple ways to add subtle luxury to any home

Luxury isn’t always synonymous with over the top design; there are many simple yet effective ways to add a luxurious yet understated and subtle feel to any home. Our interior designers in Oxfordshire can help you to strike the perfect balance between luxury, practicality and affordability.

Many luxurious-feeling rooms have a clearly defined focal point, such as a beautiful chandelier or open-plan fireplace. By investing in one stunning piece and basing the rest of the room around it, you can create luxury without having to spend a fortune. Fabrics, cushions, throws and rugs are another great way to add luxury to a room; try combining different textures for a really indulgent effect.

Many stately homes and luxurious houses feature antiques. Select some of your favourite pieces from a local auction or trader to work well with your interior and add some individual charm. In some cases, you may be able to find damaged or worn antiques for rock-bottom prices; with a little care and attention, such as repainting, you can bring them back to their former glory and enjoy a truly unique piece that nobody else will have.

One of the biggest ways you can add luxury and style to a home is to make sure that any clutter is out of the way and everything looks neat and organised. There are many hidden storage solutions where you can discreetly store your essential items out of sight, making sure your home is a luxurious haven rather than simply a place to keep clutter.

Our interior designers in Oxfordshire are the perfect choice to help you inject some luxury into your home. We work with a number of local tradesmen to accommodate any request, and with our passion for beautiful design and great eye for colours, textures and layouts, we can help you to select the perfect decor and furnishings for practical elegance in your home.


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