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Through the years we have watched how men have become more involved in the design industry. Back in 2014 we wrote a blog on the subject called “MAN SPACE – WHY REAL MEN LOVE INTERIOR DESIGN” and it predicted the rise in the male influence on the design industry.

And it’s true, more men have become more interested in the design industry, we now see a much closer connection between both sexes choosing their design styles for their home as opposed to the once female-dominated industry. And not just by showing an interest in their own homes but many more male designers are now more heavily involved in the design industry as a whole.

What Does A Male Perspective Bring?

How terribly sexist you may be saying, and quite rightly too! But not so long ago (only 5 years at the most) it wasn’t much heard of that men took such a strong interest in the whole design aesthetics of their home. They would be entrusted to do a DIY project and the matter would finish for them and be handed back over to a female to finish the finer details.

Male interior design

Do Men Do Interior Design?

But homes in the modern world need to reflect more than just one personality. We created a blog called “DO MEN DO INTERIOR DESIGN?” which posed this exact question, and although we said that a lot of men would rather wrestle an Aligator than go shopping for cushions and curtains, although this still remains quite true for the most part, they would happily discuss the layout of a new extension and colour aesthetics of a hallway.

As an interior designer, it is important to us that we incorporate all of the people that live in the home, within the overall interior design. We take into consideration the client’s hobbies, their artwork and ways in which they each use the home.

We have found some clients need to have individual space away from each other to relax and enjoy their activities, such as creating space for an office, a music room, a quiet reading room, dining room separate from the creative kitchen space, etc. And others have specifically asked to create a space that brings them closer together such as our recent project that wanted to play music together, see more in the Henley House project.

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Whatever your style, whether you are male or female, we hope you find inspiration from our interior design blog. For more design inspiration please take a look at our before and after images in our Case Studies we have available.

For ‘Design Psychology‘ and ways to avoid costly mistakes when designing your home yourself, please head over to this link and download our free e-book titled ‘7 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Your Home’.

To arrange an interior design consultation in your home please email, we operate in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, and Oxfordshire. View our Contact Page to see specific towns.

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‘7 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Your Home’
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