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Fulfilling the potential of your home

We are primarily concerned with helping our clients make their homes everything they can possibly be. It is important to create a personal space that reflects who you are and that you can take great pride in. Our homes serve as our safe havens, places of comfort and spaces that make it easy to be ourselves. Furthermore, our homes need to be functional and smoothly intertwine with every element of our lives such as work, family and recreation.

The world really is your oyster when it comes to interior design. We’re passionate about interiors in Oxfordshire, and we specialise in offering a complete service that turns our clients’ properties into spaces that work for them. When we take on a project we like to make sure that we are delivering a tailored service that successfully meets the needs of every individual client. Our website hosts a project questionnaire that allows you to tell us everything about your planned projects including details, required completion dates, and precise ideas. We like to know beforehand exactly how we can deliver you the finest interior design service.

We provide a service that draws on your particular environment and architecture to shape your interior space through manipulation of the spatial volume and surface treatment. Small commercial spaces, entire houses and multiple or single rooms are all covered by our services. We will visit your site or property to ascertain your precise requirements. Once we understand your personal tastes and lifestyle, we will come up with initial designs and concept boards. We will collaborate with you throughout the project, incorporate your vision and produce a final design.

We will arrange for the order and delivery of all materials, furniture and accessories and our service also includes shopping days. Timelines will always be adhered to and budgets will never be exceeded. We can oversee the entire project for you and ensure it runs like clockwork. You will be kept informed of all progress, and you can relax with the confidence that your interior design project is in capable hands. We remember at all times that we are working on your home; we respect your likes and dislikes and provide work of an impeccable standard. Contact us for advice and assistance regarding interiors in Oxfordshire.

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