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Spatial planning and decorative lighting ideas

The use of space, light and mood

There are many aspects to interior design. It is not just about the wallpaper that you are using or the carpet that you are laying, but is also about the use of space, light and mood. Spatial planning is a crucial area of interior design and should not be overlooked as it can enhance the overall design of your interiors, while the choice of lighting adds a vital extra dimension to the room. We take all of these details into account when providing interior design and consultation services to clients in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckingham and London.

Spatial Planning

Spatial planning allows the space in the room to be used in the most effective and practical ways. It will inform the designer about the type and size of furniture that should be used, as well as any decorative items and accessories. By planning ahead in concerns to space, you can save a lot of time and money, as well as avoiding poor design decisions.

Decorative Lighting

Lighting, of course, is essential for any interior. However, it can be used for decorative purposes as well as practical ones. By investing in decorative lighting, you can add an extra dimension of mood and atmosphere to your interiors. From light shades to lamps, the inclusion of decorative lighting can help to bring even more beauty to your interiors and even completely change the mood and feeling of the interior completely. We can design the perfect lighting for your home and help to create the atmosphere you want.

Spatial planning should be completed as early as possible, whilst decorative lighting can be done alongside general interior decorating.

Our interior designers will provide comprehensive floor and furniture layouts for spatial planning and will also provide decorative lighting ideas that will help to transform your interiors. When we are aiding your interior design in Oxfordshire, we will ensure that your home is a comfortable and beautiful place to live in and that all the important details are taken care of.

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