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Making your home more sellable

The demand for houses continues to grow as the population increases and more and more people are looking to relocate for a variety of reasons, whether to retire or for new jobs. If you are looking to sell your property, it is important to make is as appealing and sellable as possible. With a bit of clever interior design, you can ensure that your home isn’t on the market for too long and that it gets sold as quickly as possible.

There are many small adjustments that you can make to increase the saleability of your home. Perhaps the simplest adjustments are simply cleaning and painting. A lick of paint to brighten up a room can make a huge difference. Even something as simple as adding welcome mats, hanging some mirrors to reflect light, and polishing doors and windows will make your home that much more attractive to any prospective buyers. It’s often the smallest things which make the biggest differences.

You should certainly consider the exterior of your house as well. If your grass needs cutting, then cut it. You should also trim any overgrown hedges, dispose of any dead plants and consider buying new plants to add a much needed splash of colour to your garden. It will certainly make it more attractive to any potential buyer.

When you’re trying to sell your home, it needs to always look its best, not just while you’re showing around prospective buyers. A good looking house will attract the eye of any passers-by. If you want to increase the saleability of your house, then we can also provide professional help in order to do so. We specialise in interior design in Oxfordshire and throughout surrounding areas, and offer one or two hour consultations to help you increase the saleability of your house.

With a one hour consultation, you can benefit from expert advice on what you can do to make your house more saleable. Alternatively, the two hour consultation is a lot more in-depth, with a tour of your house and a report of any work that may be required which includes a fully itemised list of what we feel can give your home a significant boost on the market.

Using your own initiative and with our expert advice on interior design in Oxfordshire, you can be assured that your home will not be sitting on the market for months and will appeal to any and all buyers who are looking for a new home.


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